Recovery and Reconditioning

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Role of Reconditioning after Surgery

If you ask doctors, they will probably tell you that the the success of a given procedure/treatment/surgery is heavily influenced by compliance with physical therapy recommendations. Imagine that two identical patients undergo the same hip surgery. One faithfully works with a physical therapist and performs recommended exercises at home.

The other stops physical therapy. After a few months, there will likely be a dramatic difference between the two patients in range of motion and everyday functioning.

Whether elective or not, the surgery that you underwent is a complex process. Yet, it’s only part of the recovery.

Proper rehabilitation preceding or following a simple or complex procedure can make or break your outcome and ability to return to the activities you enjoy.

How can we help ?

Your recovery following a surgery can be a challenging process and a successful recovery depends on many factors.

Regaining strength, joint mobility and range of motion following surgery are extremely important, however we have realized that along with those regaining confidence and emotional readiness to return to sport, work or life are equally important for a happy patient and perfect outcome.

We have cared for hundreds of patients who’ve undergone procedures. We take pride in our relationships with your surgeon and are an extension of them to ensure the best possible outcomes

We not only understand the physical healing mechanisms but also the emotional stress involved with recovery.