Postural Back and Neck Pain


I don't have good posture?

We have heard this 100's of times from clients  "I have serious neck pain from sitting long hours at my desk. I probably do not have good posture. Can you please help ? I'm tired of this" 

Posture is defined as a position in which are bodies are held in sitting, standing and in laying down. A good posture means your muscles are held in an optimal length tension relationship.

Slouching at the desk or sitting in front of the computer for long hours can put unwanted stress on the muscles and create a muscular imbalance which can tighten some muscles and weaken some muscles.

How can we help?

First we do a thorough evaluation of your posture and also look at your current work set up. This is probably the most important step.

Next, we will make recommendations on how you can make small changes in your work set up and create a simple exercise routine designed for your specific problem to help.

Lastly, we will follow up weekly and adapt based on the client's need until the client is pain free. There is no need to be in pain for ~8 hours a day.

Telehealth is the most convenient and safe option.