Quick Tips to Make Your Home Safe from Falling


Today I wanted to talk about some simple steps that you can take immediately to make yours or your loved ones homes safe and prevent falling.

Tips to Make Your Home Safe from Falling

1. Keeping your pathways clear.

Making sure that clearing out all the clutter from the floors, such as shoes or toys, paper, mail, anything that can lead to tripping or falling. Don't have any objects in your pathway.

2. Being aware of the uneven surfaces that can be either at home or outside. 

At home, going from one or a change in the levels when you're going from one room to the other, or from the staircase to the lower level, or even a change in surface from the carpet to the wooden flooring.

Also, get rid of any rugs that move or roll. A quick tip is you can get rug grippers, which help in securing those rugs firmly to the floor so they don't catch in your foot. Or if you're using an assistive device such as a walker when you're walking. 

3. Keeping things that you use frequently within reach.

Such as pots, pans. That way, you're not climbing onto chairs or anything to reach for them because that's a huge fall hazard. So anything that you're using frequently, just keep them in a cabinet that is at your eye level.

4. Making sure that there are enough light in your pathway.

Having lights on both sides of a long hallway or a stairway. Having nightlights installed in the path between your bedroom to your bathroom, that light up the area. Also, having a light on the bed stand is helpful so that when you wake up, you have that option to see your path clearly.

5. Make sure that your bathroom is safe.

A lot of falls happen in the bathroom, so we want to make sure that your bathroom is safe, having non skid bath mats and also installing grab bars in the shower and near the toilet, so that you have that extra support that you need.

6. Stair safety

Making sure that the railings on the stairs are secure and they don't move.

7. Safe around our pets

We all love pets, right? But it is important to be safe around them. Keeping pet food bowls out of the pathways and hallways to avoid tripping over them.

Being aware of your surroundings and watching out for people who have balance issues or who may get alarmed if your pet jumps to greet them.

Here are the tips make your home safe from falling. If you have any specific questions, feel free to message me or comment below. If you want to talk to me on the phone, call 415-919-8939,  You can also message me to schedule a video or an in person consultation. 

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