Easy Seated Stretches for Seniors Experiencing Generalized Morning Stiffness & Lower Back Tightness


Today, let’s talk about the five simple stretches that can be done by older adults or seniors who are experiencing stiffness in the lower back muscles after seating for too long.

5 easy seated stretches for seniors experiencing generalized morning stiffness & lower back tightness.

1. Shoulder Stretch.

For this one, try to breathe in on your way up and breathe out on your way down. Try to see if you can touch your palms together. If not, that's okay. See if you can hold it on the top for about three to five seconds. Make sure you're doing this in a slow and controlled manner.  

2. Side Bend Stretch.

Place one hand on the chair or on your lap, wherever you’re comfortable with. So, bent to the side, and feel an opening of a lateral chest muscles. Then switch to the other side. You can go as deep or as low as you like.

Then, go back to the center. If you like a deeper stretch, you can raise one hand overhead and go all the way down. Switch to the other side then all the way back.

3. Spinal Rotation.

Put your arms across your chest and then rotate to your right first. Hold it there for three to five seconds. And then back to the center. Make sure you're breathing throughout. Then, do the other side and relax. All right.

4. Hamstrings Stretch.

Straighten one foot in front of you, then try to bend forward and touch your ankle. You may go as far as you're comfortable. Some people do not have enough range of motion or enough mobility to go all the way down to your toes with your ankle. 

So, stop wherever you're comfortable. Then switch to the other side. Relax your neck muscles and your toes should have flex towards you. Make sure your toes are bent towards you. To get a deeper stretch, hold it there for about five seconds or more if you can tolerate.

5. Hip Stretch.

The last stretch is for your hips. Lift one leg or place the foot on the opposite knee. This will give you a nice deep stretch on the outer hip muscles. Put a slight pressure on your knee to open up that hip even more. Hold it for a few seconds. For people who want a deeper stretch, you can bend forward, relax and come up. Switch to the other side.

Try to repeat these easy seated stretches for seniors for three to five times and hold it for about five to ten seconds or longer as long as you’re comfortable. Slowly, your body will become stronger and more flexible and it will be easier to perform these stretches.

Make sure that you have clearance from your physical therapist or your doctor before you attempt these stretches. Some people have precautions, such as back precautions or spinal precautions that they’ve had recent surgery. So, getting medical clearance before attempting this is very important.

Drop down in the comment below if you would like to see any other video or exercises that will be useful and I'll be happy to bring that out to you. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

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