Arwa Motiwala, PT, Ms Kinesiology 

Slacker Ridge Trail
Hike near Golden Gate Bridge. Early Morning views are incredible.

 Arwa is the founder for Heal Physical Therapy. Arwa has a Master's in Physical Therapy as well as Master's in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University and is a proud SF Gator Alum.

Arwa is committed to providing 1:1 physical therapy services to all her clients and empower them to take control of their lives. She adopts a holistic approach to treating the human body and not just focus on the area of injury.

She is a fitness aficionado and believes 30 minutes of exercise is necessary for a healthy living.

She enjoys long distance running and hiking. She has trained for a few half marathons and wants to train for a full marathon in the future.

Through, Heal Physical Therapy you can set one-on-one consults with Arwa.

Arwa Motiwala - About 2.1

Golden Gate Marathon
Reminiscing my first half marathon.

Arwa Motiwala - About 3.1

Yoga Everywhere
Trying to remain calm in Central Park NY.