"We Help Older Adults Overcome Their Fear Of Falling So That They Can Continue To Live an Active and a Healthy Lifestyle"‬

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Telehealth or virtual physical therapy available

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Most convenient and cost efficient way to get therapy. COVID-19 makes this a safe option.



Proper rehabilitation preceding or following a simple or complex procedure can make or break your outcome.


Balance Training

Fear of falling is not something you should have to live with.


Postural Pain

Work should always be pain free.


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When I contacted Arwa at Heal Physical Therapy, I couldn’t stand from the chair or sofa without excruciating pain. She was recommended to me by my friend when I was visiting California. She provided me with four key exercises to do each week. Within the first week of doing them, my pain subsided and I was able to stand from the chair again. She diligently followed up with my progress and added exercises to support my healing. After 2 weeks 95% of my pain had vanished. Thankful to Arwa for allowing this to be possible during COVID times. 

Mushtaq, San Francisco


Arwa is the best Physical Therapist I have ever had. She has helped me immensely with my back pain and especially with my sciatic pain. Arwa is unique in inventing exercises to suit me and help me get over my pain. Thanks to Arwa I'm able to walk again. She is marvelous!

SB, San Mateo


After being seen by Arwa I was able to sleep in my favorite sleeping position after a long time and woke up feeling good. Her work on my back and hips helped a lot. 

MG, Burlingame


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